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About us


Serving the community of Springfield, Massachusetts since 2008

The Travis Best Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, teaches youth to utilize all of the academic and life resources that sports, arts, and an education affords using sportsmanship training, music and visual art workshops.

Since 2008, the Travis Best Foundation has been working to develop new community initiatives to support the young citizens living in Springfield, MA. The Travis Best Foundation was created to uplift children, ages 8 - 18 on their journey to becoming responsible citizens through sporting and artistic activities.


Students of The Travis Best Foundation are guided, supported and encouraged to overcome the challenges of adolescence and achieve personal success beyond their wildest dreams.  Our philosophy is that they simply need a good road map to follow, along with sincere, trusted and compassionate life navigators who are willing to share their experiences, strengths and hopes.  

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